I want to follow God's direction and take care of my temple. 

I want to continue to look good, think clearly, walk, talk, hear and most importantly, dance. 

Hence, I am growing my own groceries and working in the yard for strong bones and overall good health. I am a wife, mother and grandmother, living in Houston, Texas's Historic Third Ward community.

I make a living, as a Business Development Manager, Analyst, Entrepreneur and  GED & ESL Teacher.  For about 2 years, I gave back to my community by teaching GED classes at the community college. I loved introducing my students to healthy living as a life skills lesson. It was an awesome experience.  

I enjoy working outside in the dirt, love to dance, entertain, read, and I love City Living! I have a degree in Business Administration from Tennessee State University (TSU).  And, I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Azalea Garden

City Gardener
Debra Cox Brooks
When I was in the 7th grade, weighing less than 100lbs at 5'7'' tall, I developed a terrible hacking cough. 
The doctor tried every cough syrup in his dictionary. My mom tried the family concoction, grain alcohol and honey, where the honey cone aged in the bottle of liquor for days or maybe even years. But, we couldn't control it. 

I never knew when it would start, so I became afraid to speak publicly, even though I was already an accomplished narrator, I would near panic when I coughed even the slightest little cough, not knowing how it would end. I later learned that I had been a premature baby and was kept in the incubator to help my lungs develop and that it probably had a affect on my lungs.

I began to seek ways to improve my health at an early age. When I was very young, I spent a short period of my life boycotting chicken because of an experience during a routine weekend visit to my uncle's farm in the country. I witnessed the "neck wriggling" of a chicken, and the next morning, fried chicken was served with biscuits, eggs and grits. I didn't eat chicken for several years after that, just kept thinking about the way they killed that chicken, my little friend. 

Forty years later, after learning via Dr. Atkins that removing as much of the gluten from my diet as possible, eliminated the cough, I have finally arrived at a legitimate reason why I should change my eating habit. I want to follow God's direction and take care of my temple.  I grow food in my backyard, have entirely too much fun, love my relationships, and is grounded in my faith.  

Come with me, as as I chronicle my steps as a gardener, providing you the condensed versions of how-to as my mentors give them to me, sharing secrets that I discover to improve health and enjoy our environment.  Join in the fun as I reap the benefits of healthy living.

I love to entertain, the more the merrier is my motto.  If you are in Houston, TX, join me at the events that I will post on the site or join us virtually. 

Welcome to my world, as I attempt to live it on my terms, as the CityGirlGardener. 

"I will chronicle my steps as I implement my strategy for Healthy Living, providing you the condensed versions of how-to ... share secrets that I discover to improve health ... join in the fun as we reap the benefits of healthy living."
Gardener harvesting
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“It is not the style of clothes one wears, the kind of automobile one drives, nor the amount of money one has in the bank, that counts. 
These mean nothing. 
It is simply service that measures success.”

George Washington Carver