Join in the fun as we reap the benefits of healthy living!
Our Vision

Healthy living is about improving your quality of life. At City Girl Gardener, we want to provide you with steps, actions and strategies that can be put in place to achieve optimum health and increase your life's bounty! 

Use this site to help you start a plan of action for growing your own food, sharing with others and adopting an overall healthy lifestyle. ​​

I want to follow God's direction and take care of my temple. 


I want to continue to be healthy, think clearly, walk, talk, hear and most importantly, dance. 


Hence, I am growing my own groceries and working in the yard for strong bones and overall good health. I am a wife, mother and grandmother, living in Houston, Texas's Historic Third Ward community.


Come with me, as as I chronicle my steps as a gardener, providing you the condensed versions of how-to as my mentors give them to me, sharing secrets that I discover to improve health and enjoy our environment.  Join in the fun as I reap the benefits of healthy living.


I love to entertain: the more the merrier is my motto.  If you are in Houston, TX, join me at the events that I will post on the site or join us virtually. 


Welcome to my world, as I attempt to live it on my terms, as The City Girl Gardener. 

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