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A History of Hosting

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

One thing my family knew how to do was to throw a party. It was an art -- a tradition, really -- that was handed down like good jewelry and fine china.

When my mother was a teenager, she would assist my Great Aunt Peal by serving guests at her dinner parties. When I became a teenager, I too served for Aunt Pearl. I still remember (doing such and such) for she and Uncle (who?)'s Golden Anniversary Party. She used all of her fine linen, china, glass, silver and gold, and not just for the elite of the community, but also for her family.

My mother and her closest friends formed a club call the “Chatters.” They met once a month at each other’s home to catch up and stay close with another. But they also prayed, traveled, arranged fun events for their children and spouses and -- of course -- they chatted.

As children we were always excited for our mom's turn to host the meeting. Ms.Sims, the local caterer, would deliver her trays of cheese sticks and pastries. My mother would make the dishes she had perfected on us, and us kids would make tea and lemonade. The house would be immaculate,. There would be cut flowers from the yard arranged on the porch, living room and dining room, while my mother would set the most beautiful table settings. Then, when the guest arrived, we would listen at the door as the Chatters chat. It was a lesson in hospitality that I will never forget and have passed on to my children.

Today, our home is our haven. We spent our adult lives making it just right for us, and with our busy schedules working, traveling, hanging out with grandkids and social networking, we long for that time at home, enjoying the environment that we created.

I would like to suggest that we share our dream homes – we cannot take them with us, and our kids may or may not want them. So, let’s entertain! I will lead the way. Join me at my old house, just like I like it, with lots of things that need to be done, room to play, relax and enjoy. I'll share my tips for entertaining, and you share yours!

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