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Backyard Gardeners in the Fight Against Food Insecurity

What is the small gardener’s role in the grand scheme of things?

There are probably a million ways to answer that question but here’s one: to help feed the communities we grow in.

This is especially pressing considering that, according to Census Bureau data, hunger and food insecurity among U.S. households has almost tripled between 2019 and August of this year — hitting Black and Latinx households the hardest. Texas alone is making national news for seeing a drastic increase in people seeking food from pantries and donation centers.

I’ve recently added several new beds to my backyard. The harvests from some of them will be used as donations to local mutual aid and food giveaway projects, as well as to family, friends and neighbors. If you know of any initiatives accepting fresh produce for donations in Houston, drop the name in the comments section below.

If you’ve got the space, add another bed or row that will be dedicated to feeding others.

If you have the time, volunteer at a community garden.

If you have the knowledge, teach someone to grow food in whatever space is available to them.

If you have money, give it to an organization fighting food insecurity.

There are a million ways to answer the question. Let’s all pick one.

*the idea for dedicating a bed for donations came from Texas Gardener Magazine, and the inspiration for this post came from @soulgardener74 who is asking thought provoking questions about how we can solve serious issues around food within our communities.

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