Garden Q&A

You asked, I answered!

I get gardening and healthy living questions all the time in my DMs and comments, which I love answering if I can!

I figured that I would share some of the knowledge on the timeline in case anyone else had the same questions. I’m only passing on what was given to me. We’re all in this together 🤗

Please keep in mind that I don’t know everything, but I truly love gardening and love helping others fall in love with it too.

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Q: What kind of juicer do you use? Do you love it?

A: A Cuisinart Juice Extractor

I don’t love it for great for leafy greens like collards or kale, but it does have a “big mouth,” so I don’t have to do too much cutting first. I can put in a whole beet at once. But I would suggest a masticating/slow juicer (instead of a centrifugal like this one) which will allow you to get the most juice out of leafy greens.

Q: My backyard is very lumpy, will I need to “level” it before building my raised beds?

A: The only reason I would level it is if it’s making the bed wobbly. All th bottoms of the bed need to be on the ground. You also need to put a layer of cardboard down because it will block any grass or weeds that try to grow up in it. The cardboard will compost down with the soil you put in the bed.

Q: I got redworms and nightcrawlers for my compost bin!

A: Great! But only put the red worms in the compost bin. The night crawlers go in your beds.

Q: Once you collect you food scraps, what do you do with the contents to turn it into compost? Add leaves or grass? Or do you just bury the scraps?

A: We add the kitchen scraps to our compost bins outside. We add small tree twigs, leaves, paper towels, etc. Always keep the contents of the compost moist and turn it regularly. Thae materials will get hot and that’s when the composting process is taking place. When you get ready to use it, you scoop it out and put it in your garden. No animal products or animal waste.

Q: Are those cauli leaves you used for your garden wraps?

A: Collard greens!

Q: How do you like those indoor grow lights?

A: They’re ok. I’ve used them several times. But my plant stand is right at the window, so I get a lot of light from the sun anyway. I usually run the lights at nght.

Q: I have my greens and cabbage in pots under my porch, and they’ve been the same siz for at least a month. I fertilized, added more dirt, put rain watr on them and loosened the dirt. re not growing.

A: It looks like they’re not getting enough sun being under the shade of the patio. They need at least some.