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Growing Friendships Through Gardening

Today I want to tell y’all about my first ever garden buddy, Trisha.

We go waaay back. All the way back to the Alpha Chi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta at Tennessee State University. She was a home-ec major from Alabama and I was in the business department with her twin sister. We were cool, but only sorors back then.

It wasn’t until we both moved to Houston after college that our friendship really blossomed. We got our first jobs together at the Houston Urban League and started throwing parties for the new-to-Houston-crew. Before we knew it, we — along with some other friends — owned a nightclub together! (Mmhmm! "The Point After" over on Almeda!)

Our friendship has evolved from sorority girls to business associates; godmothers to church members and now to garden buddies.

It’s been a pleasure watching her build her bed from seeds to the garden it is today (pictured). The girl’s got skills! She grows collards, cabbage, mustards, tomatoes and more.

Sometimes I’ll come home and see that she’s left a bag full of lettuce or peppers on my porch or driveway. She's always been thoughtful and generous like that.

Good friendships are like well-tended gardens — they just keep growing! Love you Trisha!

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