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Ahh! Hornworms!

I knew it was only a matter of time. Temperatures had reached the mid- to high-90s. My first tomato crops were coming in. The hornworms would surely be on their way.

Hornworms are one of the main creatures to look out for when tending to a tomato plant. They are one of the largest caterpillars you'll find in a vegetable garden and they are considered the most destructive. They eat plants out of house and home, devouring whole leaves, nibbling small stems and sometimes chewing pieces of fruit.

The most challenging part about dealing with them is that they often go undetected because they blend in ridiculously well with the rest of the plants. Because of this evolutionary blessing (to the worm)/curse (to the gardener), they can easily take out a whole tomato plant before you even spot one.

Chemicals are notoriously ineffective on hornworms, which we don't use anyway because we're organic gardeners over here. But you know what that means, right? To get rid of hornworms and save your precious, well-earned tomatoes, you'll have to pick these babies off...BY HAND!!

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