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How to Protect Starter Plants from Squirrels

I figured out a way to keep squirrels from trampling the seedlings and starters in my garden!

Those of you who’ve been following my page for a while know that I’ve been in an epic battle against an army of squirrels that love to either take things from my garden (like tomatoes) or put things in it (like pecans for them to eat later).

This time my issue was with them squashing seedlings and starters as they ran through my beds. So I put together this DIY method that actually worked!

I got these metal-mesh trash cans from Dollar Tree that I placed over my seedlings and starters, and secured them by sticking skewer sticks in the soil.

This allowed the plants to grow undisturbed, making the squirrels have to navigate their way around them.

Once the plants got big enough to withstand disturbance, I’d move the cans to another starter that needed protection.

Not only was it effective and easy, it was cheap! I probably paid a total of $3/cage (trash can + skewer) for this little hack.

If you also have squirrels getting into your garden, try it out and let me know how it goes!

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