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Recipes from the Garden - Loaded Avocado Toast

We cannot get enough of this loaded avocado toast! The City Girl Daughter came up with this one, using ingredients from the garden to punch up the basic concept of avocado on toast. The pumpkin seeds give it a good crunch, the hummus base and coconut oil drizzle make it moist, and the Ezekiel Bread makes it gluten free! Add chia seeds for fiber and hemp seeds for protein. And, of course, the arugula, red onion and tomato came from the garden.



- 2 pieces of gluten-free Ezekiel Bread (flax)

- 1 Avocado

- Tomato

- Red onion

- A handful of arugula

- Sabra pine nut hummus

- Coconut oil

- Roasted pumpkin seeds

- Chia seeds

- Hemp seeds

- Himalayan pink sea salt, pepper and garlic powder


- Roughly chop arugula

- Thinly slice tomatoes

- Thinly slice red onion

- Open, de-seed and slice avocado into chunks

- Toast Ezekiel Bread (long enough for it to form a hard, sturdy base for all the toppings)

- Spread a layer of hummus on both pieces of toast

- Add arugula, then avocado, then tomato and onion

- Garnish with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds

- Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder

- Drizzle with coconut oil

- Enjoy!

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