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My First Lesson in Gardening

My career was awesome. I networked with people from a variety of backgrounds, professions, beliefs, hopes and dreams. I was a salesperson, business developer, and entrepreneur. I enjoyed the travel, the opportunity to help my family, friends and my people.

At 36, I realized that I needed more and my first child was born. Before then, I had practically adopted one of the children at the church, an 11-year-old girl named Kelly. It was that same year that I felt I was re-born in Christ. I prayed one day, with a friend and a prayer warrior in the parking lot of the church. My friend had realized that she need to stop drinking, and I acknowledged, even though I was 36, that I desperately wanted more children. So we prayed and I asked the Lord for a big family. By the time I gave birth to my second child, at 41, I had two step children. We were now a family of 6. Thank you Lord for the power of prayer. That marked my re-born spiritual life and belief in God.

At, 50, the focus of my life was shifting away from career to children. All five of the children were five years older that their next sibling. During those 14 years, I drove a van, dropped off and picked up children, hosted birthday, skating, and swimming parties and sleepovers, worked with the Girl Scouts, the children’s choir, chaperoned the youth groups, endured music lessons, dance competitions and performances, three different choir practices, and football practice. Oh, and Sunday school, bible study, church field trips, youth groups and, finally, graduations.

My thoughts quickly turned to; what am I going to do? No more Thursday, Friday and Saturday night football games. No hors d'oeuvre for the 36 member dance team sleep overs, no Sunday dinners for 30+ and no high school football games! I needed a hobby.

So in the fall/winter season of my 50th year, I asked my husband and son to dig my first garden as a birthday present. Back on the side, under the trees, away from the street, away from my beautifully landscaped city backyard. When the spring came and trees turned green, and the shade covered my garden, I realized; I had chosen the wrong location for my garden. The first gardening lesson learned that I shared with my friends was Location, Location, Location!

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