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Wise Words from George Washington Carver

This is one of my favorite quotes from innovator and master agriculturalist George Washington Carver.

It was published in the Montgomery Advertiser in 1938 as a warning against farming practices that were draining the soil of its vitality.

To me, that quote and the message behind it gets to the root of what Carver’s agricultural work was about: creating conditions that would help life —plant life, human life, etc — to not only be sustained, but to flourish.

Not just now, in this moment, but season after season.

Thank you George Washington Carver and all the farmers, gardeners and agriculturalists — past, present and future — working to restore vitality to chronically depleted soil, environments and communities. Especially in poor and Black neighborhoods that have been drained for so long.

May we all flourish! #BlackHistoryMonth

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